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CSSA Biennial Convention, Colorado Springs, CO
Field Trips, Thursday, July 13, 2023
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Field Trip #1: Home Garden Tour (5) SOLD OUT

Leo Chance’s garden includes many rare hardy species of both cacti and other succulents, especially South African succulents.

Don and Donnie Barnett’s garden encompasses their entire front yard and includes just about all of the cacti that can be grown outdoors all year long in Colorado.

Jeff Ottersberg’s large collection includes many specimen plants such as hardy Echinocereus and many other hardy cactus species.

Jeff Thompson has traveled widely throughout Texas and the desert southwest. His large garden of hardy cacti includes large Yucca and Agave specimens.

Dr. Conrad’s extensive gardens of specimen cacti and mature yuccas and will be on the tour. This garden was designed and built by Leo Chance many years ago and is of botanic gardens quality. This is an all-day excursion.


Field Trip #2: Pueblo/Cañon City Area Tour ($150)

This trip will visit the Cañon City area, approximately 40 miles south and west of Colorado Springs to see native cacti in habitat. Colorado has over 40 species and varieties of native cacti and, of course, all of them can withstand temperatures well below zero Fahrenheit.

We strongly recommend hiking boots for this trip. We will be exploring a ridge system coming up from the floor of Phantom Canoñ, ~400 feet of altitude gain to 6000’. We will see Echinocereus triglochiatus, Escobaria missouriensus and vivípara, Echinocereus viridiflora, Opuntia polyacantha and delicata (phaeacantha) and likely Opuntia fragilis. Several wildflower species as well. The terrain is steep and rugged at the entrance from the road but quickly levels as we climb the ridges.

This is an all-day excursion.


Field Trip #3: Three Public Gardens Tour ($150)

Three public gardens comprise this tour: The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver, and Kendrick Lake in Lakewood, a Denver suburb.

Spring Creek boasts the largest collection of cold-hardy cacti in the United States as part of a three-quarter acre xeric “Undaunted Garden” designed and planted by Lauren Springer, a well-known and talented author on xeric plants and famous garden designer and speaker. The garden is a new one, built in 2019, but many specimen plants and rock work. This is an all-day excursion.


Field Trip #4:  The Pikes Peak Cog Railway SOLD OUT

This fun excursion is more general in nature. The Pikes Peak Cog Railway has been operating since 1890 but was shut down from 2017–2021 for a complete refurbishment, including all new track and cable and new rail cars.

In addition, the Pikes Peak Summit House has been torn down and completely rebuilt and enlarged during the past few years. The several mile route goes from 6400’ to 14,111’ and leaves from the Manitou Springs station.

The view from the top is spectacular in all directions and inspired the writing of America the Beautiful. Lunch and souvenirs are available at the Summit House.

This is a half-day excursion